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"I greatly appreciate pineapple's always fast, pragmatic and highly communicative approach. Thanks to the workshops with Philipp Koch, HEGIAS has further sharpened its vision and business model and aligned the whole team to it. With an even stronger focus, we can further expand our worldwide innovative lead in cloud-based, editable virtual reality. " Patrik (pam) Marty, CEO/CMO - Founder of HEGIAS AG

Patrik (pam) Marty

Seilerei Herzog AG

"Tradition meets modern - not only in the production of our perfect ropes, but now also with the use of the latest IT technology for our online business. With pineapple we have a very reliable, pragmatic partner at our side. He has helped us to get to the heart of our business model and the uniqueness of our products. Always holistic, effective and just as cost-efficient." Guido Herzog, business owner, textile engineer FH

Guido Herzog

ÖkoFEN-Schweiz GmbH

"With pineapple, we have gained a simple, intuitive user interface for all our business processes and all our information. It is an exact representation of our business model. Less work and more results in the shortest possible time!" Pius Schwarzentruber, Managing Director of ÖkoFEN-Schweiz GmbH

Pius Schwarzentruber

The pineapple Story

Your benefit

Stand out of the crowd and differentiate yourself on the market. The uniqueness of the pineapple solution enables you to solve common tasks in an individual way, which increases your productivity and sales. Integrated into your current IT landscape and therefore using your existing data. This helps you to focus on the most important KPIs, maintain real-time control of your business and enable data-driven decisions.

Our Mission

Driven by our passion for software technology, data management and a deep understanding of business processes we do customised IT solutions. With individual, tailor-made software based on standard building blocks, you get actionable results within days. And all this at the cost of standard software.

Our Vision

Every SMB is as innovative as a Startup is.

Why the pineapple fruit?

The pineapple fruit itself is well known and available in every supermarket, but the origin of a pineapple is usually not well known at all. And absolutely unique. Because the pineapple is made of many tiny flowers, which turn into small berries, which then combine to form a pineapple fruit. It takes a whole 14 to 18 months until the first ripe and juicy pineapples can be harvested. It is very impressive how up to 6 petals grow per day – and from these, the giant pineapple develops step by step. As with the pineapple fruit, we at the pineapple company, combine our standard building blocks to create one unique software solution for your business.


About us

About pineapple

Who we are

We are a group of open-minded IT professionals whose passion is to create a redefined way of doing business using the latest IT technology. And thus to make our daily work even more efficient and customer-oriented.

With our experience of more than 25 years in building IT companies, we deliver holistic results from the normative, strategic to the operational level. We are honest - with ourselves and our customers - and we always act for the big picture in terms of customer benefit.

What we do

We create customized IT solutions adapted to your existing business processes. With the goal of improving your company's productivity, we make sure that you are always able to digitize your business processes on the go.

What makes us different

Our tailor-made software is based on standard building blocks, which get you actionable results within days. Thus, it enables an exact representation of your business model in the software. The software adapts to you, and not vice versa.

With learning cycles, fault tolerance and an attitude that is always willing to learn, we produce fully customizable software that works, instead of just extensive documentation.

How we start

With a first face-to-face meeting, a video conference or a telephone conversation we discover your existing business processes and create a first prototype to visualize our newly developed ideas with your existing business model. And all this is free of charge, you get

  1. an overview of your business processes with
  2. an analysis of your potentials,
  3. from this a recommendation of a strategic objective and plan
  4. and a live demonstration of your tangible benefits using the working software prototype
Philipp Koch

As a child, I always wanted to be an inventor. I was truly fascinated by discovering new things by creating them. From the self-built soapbox to self-built electronics to self-built computers and software solutions. I was very curious, walked through the world with eyes wide open, wanted to understand everything and built many things myself.

With this passion for computers I founded IT-companies, built them up from scratch with the help of enormously talented people. Because people make things happen, not computers. Together, we created working holistic business models and most important, happy customers. Day after day.

With pineapple, we build software solutions and create individual, tailor-made software based on standard building blocks. With that, you get actionable results within days. And all this at the cost of standard software.

Nowadays, I think I am still very curious, walk through the world with open eyes and the desire to discover, to understand and always ask the right questions. Combined with all the experiences of my career.

I think I am still very curious today, I walk through the world with open eyes and the desire to discover, to understand and always ask the right questions. Combined with all the experiences of my career.

What can I build for you today?

Lara Steiner

My passion is and has always been design and communication. With my training as a mediamatician EFZ I was able to acquire the basics and at the same time gain valuable professional experience. 

It gives me a lot of pleasure to take up ideas and conceptions and to give them a picture in the truest sense of the word. Be it on paper or of course digitally. As a "Digital Native" I grew up with the most modern possibilities of IT and know how to appreciate and use them effectively.

Michèle Ulrich

My greatest passions are finances and everything in and around human resources. These are very exciting topics for me, especially considering the complexity of digitalization, which is a constant flow of changes and opportunities for a company. 

These changes require personalities who are always up to date, who not only know the current legislation, but who also know where the journey is going and what opportunities it offers. Furthermore, personalities who think and act responsibly, target- and solution-oriented in the interest of the company and its employees. As a founder of AdManus this is exactly what I consider essential: to develop competent, fair and sustainable solutions.

Janik Steiner

Since I can remember, the written word has been an important part of my world. I had the privilege of having learned to read sufficiently well before kindergarten so that I could use the time freed up in the following years for excessive reading. First fantasy and science fiction, then novels, non-fiction and newspaper articles. At some point I began to write texts myself: blog articles, summaries, letters to the editor and social media for various organizations.

Consequently, in the summer of 2020 I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in German Literature at the University of Zurich. My curiosity is not only about literature, but (and especially) about people. I am fascinated by different points of view, aspects, concepts and - with some pathos - realities. To uncover their core, to understand them and to express them in words is one of the most meaningful tasks I can think of.

Teodora Nikolovska

I am in love with the positive power of digital marketing and the role it has in the overall business development strategy for a company. 

As the founder of Vrootok, a digital marketing agency, I help clients to achieve their company's full potential in the modern tech society by leveraging the benefits of digital marketing and organizational business development. I am also passionate about informal education, so working as a consultant and trainer is what I enjoy the most.

Roman Plessl

It all started with an Atari ST for Christmas: A completely new world of programming, design and fascination opened up and this world never let go of me. I wrote my first software, exchanged software in the public domain, built technical extensions and then assembled and built my own computers over the years.

The fascination for computer architectures was awakened and, as a result, a specialisation in studies as a chip designer, computer architecture and professional IT system management. In short, the technical basis of what runs and is used today as a public cloud at Azure, AWS or Google.

However, technology alone is not enough. The overall system of people, technology, organisation and customers makes the impact and success.
My approach is to view and understand people, technology and processes holistically and to accompany them in their improvement and change processes. In every context - so that my clients at pineapple and Plessl + Burkhardt can grow beyond the known.

Sebastian Laeufer

I have been fascinated with technology since I was a child. I loved, and still love, to take things apart, analyze them and understand how they work. With this curiosity I gained a lot of experience, for example in professional testing of software, consulting and development of SAP or in the field of virtual reality.

The focus was always on learning something new. And then to use this knowledge beneficially for others. Today, I passionately create low-code software solutions perfectly adapted to customer needs. With that, I make your job easier, day after day!

Christian Welzel

As a child, I always looked for activities where I personally assembled something. I had little enthusiasm for ready-made toys but was constantly dismantling and reassembling them. Later, my first PC gave me the opportunity to enter and measure everyday data points for which I had previously needed a piece of paper and a pen. I was thrilled by the potential that was opened up to me here.

This was the basis for my enthusiasm for digital solutions, which has stayed with me all my life. And so, for many years as a software consultant, I always strove to offer each client an approach that helped the company to do its actual tasks in the best possible way and to exploit its potential. To this end, I enthusiastically engage with all industries, people and structures and passionately design new ideas that make the tried and tested even better. 

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We do customized IT solutions.

With individual, tailor-made software based on standard building blocks, you get actionable results within days.

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We’re all human. We are all equal. We have the same status – regardless of age, gender and function. We are honest with ourselves and our community. We act for the big picture and put our ego in the background. This is the cornerstone of our respect for each individual, mutual trust and integrity.

open minded

Our doors are always open. Open to everyone, regardless of gender, skin colour, nationality or religion. Open for any feedback. Open to all ideas. Open for self-reflection. Open, always courageous to take a step forward, to learn and to grow. Both as an individual and as an entire organization. That is why we attach great importance to a consistent, open and transparent communication culture.

customer centric

All our activities lead to a direct customer benefit. The result of our work with the customer delights and inspires us! We actively listen to our community. We pay attention to the feelings and needs of other people. We take responsibility, speak and act in the interest of our customers. We have a broad horizon and value long-term and sustainable results.